D E N N I S  A N G E L
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On November 13, 2012 my debut album, "Timeless Grooves" was released to great reviews. "Sounds of Timeless Jazz"(Paula Edelstein) named me artist of the month for December 2012. Diana Krall was the previous month's winner. "Critical Jazz" (Brent Black) called the album " A perfectly paced well executed release...one of the sleepers of the year in contemporary incontemporary instrumental jazz. Dennis Angel is a legit triple threat as instrumentalist, lyricist and composer...An artist I want to hear more from. Incredibly entertaining and one of those rare heartfelt releases the makes the sonic transfer with ease" (5 Stars). " The Entertainment Bank"(Paul Anderson)stated "This album reminded me of the good old Chuck Mangione days with brass and sax lead over a nice set of vocal chords and a live band. The guy plays from the heart and I appreciate the spirit of his music. " Timeless Grooves " is the right move for your playlist". " Soul Tracks" (Melody Charles) stated " this debut is a remarkably well-crafted one...a real success". And "The Smooth Jazz Ride" (Ronald Jackson) added Rebecca Angel's vocals on the very, very jazzy " A Song in Harmony are most riveting. As a matter of fact the young lady co-wrote the very becoming tune with her dad. A marvelous collaboration to say the least...... Overall, one smooth, cool debut with an attractive retro slant and one that should set the stage for Angel's return again and again". This album features me on trumpet and flugelhorn, and my long time collaborator Gottfried Stoger on saxophones and flute who arranged most of the songs on the album. Grammy award winning producer Jason Miles produced the album and played keyboards and percussion throughout. DeForest Raphael and Rebecca Angel provided the vocals. Joel Mofsenson played acoustic piano and arranged the vocals. An all star cast of musicians contributed their unique talents. Guitarists Romero Lubambo, Nich Moroch, Gil Parris, Dean Brown, , bassist Amanda Ruzza, drummer Brian Dunne and vocalist Emily Birdinger.